A review of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV

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The “real” new Bronco Sport SUV arrives later this year, but to help us is the 2021 Bronco Sport with some style, some prestige, and some off-road talent. 

Ford’s C2 platform is underneath. This means the baby Bronco also has DNA in common with the Lincoln Corsair, and the familiar engines are under the hood. You can have the Bronco Sport with the 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 181 hp and 190 pound-feet of torque. Or upgrade to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder version with 245 hp and 275 pound-feet. Either way, there is 8-speed automatic transmission.

A neo-retro and fully customizable design

Although at this point there were few doubts we had about the Bronco after its many leaks, the Ford 4×4 has finally shown its image in full and the truth is that it looks spectacular … and imposing. Ford has jumped on the bandwagon of neo-retro designs to recover its icon. And it does so with shapes inspired by the first generation of the Bronco, using very sharp lines, a lot of personality in all the details. And anesthetics that speak of robustness in the first person.

With angular and square lines, it has aggressive and extreme look. Which we had seen in the last leaked photos from www.mudunlimited.com shows both the 2 and 4-door variants.  

The new Ford Bronco offers ample customization possibilities. Also allowing the doors to be removed to make journeys in nature even more “adventurous”. The new off-road vehicle offers eleven body colors and seven trim levels.

Three-body variants: 2-door, 4-door, and Sport

The new Ford Bronco offers a range of three different variants: 2-door, 4-door, and Sport. Bookable with a refundable advance of $ 100, the range of the new Ford Bronco will be marketed in the US with prices starting at around $ —– for the Sport variant and around $ —— for the 2-door version.

The composition of the range of Ford’s new off-road vehicle demonstrates how the North American company is willing to meet different needs for a wide target of customers. So while the 2 and 4-door variants wink at the most extreme off-road. The Sport version brings the Bronco more on the ground than SUVs for use mainly on the road. It is no coincidence that Ford when describing the new Bronco speaks of the union between two worlds of the Blue Oval, capable of offering the “resistance of F Series pick-ups and the performance of Mustangs”.

Ford Bronco Sport: SUV variant for a more comfortable ride on the road

Compared to the 2 and 4 door variants, the Ford Bronco Sport is much more SUV with the body completely closed. This allows a more classic use for everyday driving on the road. By increasing comfort and space, even the Sport variant does not renounce a high off-road driving capacity thanks to all-wheel drive with rear differential and torque vectoring with the double-disc system. And to the Terrain Management System with the same GOAT Modes as the others.

Variants of Bronco. On the Bronco Sport, we find independent suspension with softer springs and revised shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride. Among the available technologies, the presence of Trail Control is confirmed for the automatic maintenance of off-road speed.

Ford Bronco Sport SUV 4 × 4, off-road features

Two 4 × 4 all-wheel-drive systems are available on the new model: a basic configuration with the 2-speed electronic transfer.  And an advanced all-wheel 4 × 4 system with electromechanical transfer and selection between 2H and 4H. Power is transferred to the ground through a rigid rear axle with independent springs.

While at the front there are independent wheels. Both differentials can be locked with the Spicer Performa-TraK electronic system. To improve traction and mobility even on particularly uneven and difficult terrain.

  • Drive at low speed with Trail Control

The Trail Control is interesting, i.e. the possibility of selecting low-speed driving. The Trail Turn Assist intervenes on the pair of the individual wheels during steering. And the Trail One-Pedal Drive to help in the most demanding passages on rock and slippery surfaces.

  • Off-road capability, off-road, and attack angles

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV is fitted with large tires. This can reach 35 inches and feature a ground clearance of 29.5 cm, suspension travel, and 85 cm wading capacity. In off-road, it is also characterized by 29-degree bump angles and 37.2-degree attack.

Off-road capability is further enhanced by tow hooks in the front and rear and modular heavy-duty steel bumpers. Available with accessory winch mount. The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV versions are also equipped with a skid plate for the engine, transmission, differential housing, and fuel tank.

  • Ford Bronco Sport SUV, two and four doors with removable roof

Both two- and four-door Ford Bronco Sport SUV models come with a standard three-section roof system.  And a premium painted modular deck available with four sections that add a removable panel over the rear seats and cargo area.

Four-door models, therefore, have four removable roof sections: front left and right panels. A rear section and a full-width center panel. The roof panels on all models can be removed by unlocking the latches from the inside. The first row panels can be stored on board on two-door models. The soft top is standard on four-door models.

Also, each Bronco is equipped with a frameless door.  This makes them easier to remove. On the four-door Bronco models, all four doors can be stowed on board with protective bags.

How much does the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV cost?

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV is sold in the United States with prices starting at around $ —- for the Bronco Sport.

Ford Bronco Sport is only available for the American market. Two- and four-door Bronco models can be booked online with a $ —-refundable deposit.

Final words

Alongside the more extreme versions, a more urban SUV also debuted the Ford Bronco Sport. Despite its SUV attitude, it does not betray its off-road adventurous spirit. Badlands and First Edition models feature an advanced 4 × 4 system with a dual-clutch rear-wheel drive unit. 

The system is capable of diverting virtually all of the rear axle torque onto one of the wheels. The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV has a fording capacity of 60 centimetres and is also equipped with a front camera to view the off-road route on the screen in the center of the console.

Among the features, there is also the Trail Control for automatic off-road speed maintenance for forward and reverse.